Uudised Hiinast

President Xi Jinping kõne partei kongressil tõi välja 5 punkti, mida tuleb saavutada:

He warned that there are five things that China is going to achieve in the next few years, and if America does not thwart them, “China will in fact be a hegemonic power.” They are:

1. The rollout of fifth generation mobile technology — known as “5G.”
2. The expansion of the One Belt One Road Initiative — a transport system to go through central Asia and connect China to the Middle East.
3. Plan 2025 — 10 industries the Chinese have aimed to dominate by 2025. Bannon described the Chinese as “way ahead.” Bannon said three of those are silicon chips, robotics, and artificial intelligence.
4. Conversion of all oil transactions into Chinese currency, which he said will end America as a reserve currency and force the U.S. to start paying off the 20 trillion debt.
5. Financial technology. Bannon said the true piece of leverage with North Korea is the ability to decouple countries from the world’s financial system, sanction companies, and shut banks off from capital markets. He predicted that in 5-10 years that ability is gone.

“If they accomplish those five things, they win,” he predicted.


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